How to Have a First Kiss - For Girls

1. Have a mint. Make sure you are kissably fresh. Bad breath is a definite turn off.

2. Lean in and make eye contact. Lean your head on your guy's shoulder as if you are about to fall asleep. Look up at him - if his arm goes around to let you in, go for the kiss. If not, or if he doesn't seem to be taking things the same way you are, he might not be ready yet. Just relax for now. Lean in and make eye contact.

3. Look at his lips. Drop your gaze and your eyelids to half mast, then slowly, look back up at him and give him a little welcoming smile.

4. Relax and be at ease about it. If he doesn't go for the kiss, accept it and don't push. Wait for another moment, either later in the date, or another time.

5. Let him know you want to kiss. Reaching up to twine your arms around his neck, or lightly play with the hair at his neckline will let him know you are ready to get up close and personal.

6. Take the lead. Some guys are very shy. Even those who aren't have been drilled over and over about unwelcome touching. Consider lightly kissing him on the cheek to show him that you're okay with touch. Guys have a reputation as being pervs, but a lot of boys worry about going too far.

7. Invite him to kiss you. Yep, some boys really do need an engraved invitation. Let's say you've tried to show him you're ready, and he looks interested, but you just can't get him to (A) let you kiss him, or (B) kiss you, then just ask him, "Couldn't we just be kissing right now?" If he doesn't kiss you then, he isn't going to.

Need More Tips?

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