Signs He Loves You

Men can be confusing at times, and when in a relationship it is always important to know when love is there. There may be longing and lust, but love from both partners is essential for a long lasting relationship. Here are a few ways of knowing if he loves you or not.

The first step is to come right out and ask him. If he avoids the question and changes the subject, this can mean he is shy or does not want to be the first to say the words. If you tell him how you feel before asking him, he may be more willing to just say it out loud. If he still will not answer you, there are other ways of knowing if he loves you or not.

If he always asks what you want to do instead of insisting on doing what he wants to do, he is considerate. This type of guy is easy to read and will let you know he loves you easily. The letters he writes, the way he writes your name and the way he addresses you will tell you if he loves you. If he has a cute nickname for you that he uses only when he is with you, and it is like your own little world, he loves you. He would never use that nickname in public just because it is special between you two. If when he answers your phone call, he is always happy to hear from you and puts everything else on hold, he loves you.

If a man buys you everything you ask for, it is not necessarily love. If he buys you things because he knows you want them so badly, and then makes it a surprise now and then, he loves you. If a man pauses when he gets off the phone with you, and there is an awkward silence, this could mean he is looking for a way to tell you he loves you. If he tells you that when you are not with him, he feels like something is missing, he loves you. Always listen to what he says and how he says it. The love will be easy to spot.

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