What women wants on her birthday?

If you are saying, "I want to find a birthday present for my wife," here are 5 tips for getting it right the first time:

1. Your gift should make her feel special: Your wife works hard to keep you happy. She knows that many of the little things she does for you day in and day out go largely unnoticed. That is why what your wife wants more than anything else on her birthday is to be made to feel special. The present you choose for her needs to accomplish this.

2. Try making her feel sexy: Married women like to feel desirable, pretty and sexy. Let your choice of present accentuate her sense of personal beauty.

3. Show her you noticed: Scientific studies have shown that women use 2-3 times more words per day than do their male counterparts. One result of this dynamic is that it can be easy for men to unwittingly tune out or filter some of what their wives say. The bad news: women know when you are not listening. Try to choose a present for her that lets her know you have been listening to what she cares about.

4. Take a little risk: It is always easiest and safest to buy your wife something similar to other things she already has. For example, if she collects a certain type of figurines for the mantle, you may be tempted to just add another one to her collection. This is thoughtful, but it is also predictable. Take a little risk and buy her something unexpected.

5. Choose the gift wrap option: Once you have chosen your wife's gift, be sure to get it gift wrapped or wrap it yourself. This little extra touch is always appreciated.

Follow these 5 tips for choosing a birthday present for your wife that she is sure to love.

SOURCE: http://ezinearticles.com/?Birthday-Present-For-Your-Wife---5-Tips-For-Choosing-Something-Shell-Love&id=4735682

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